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Get your FREE cleaning estimate by calling Constantin at 201-916-1778 or just e-mail us for up to 24 h prompt respond at :  
Our furniture cleaning service includes:
 -Design and Antique sofa
 -Ottoman Cleaning
 -Armchair and loveseat deep wash
 -Mattress cleaning service
 -Recliner or sectional upholstery
 -Dinning chairs, car seats,
We clean All fabrics upholstery:
 -Haitian cotton, wool blend,
 -Leather, nylon,
 -Polyester, microfiber, microsuede,
 -Velvet, vinyl,
When we remember how we use our furniture every day, the necessity for proper professional care becomes clear. A professional cleaning will remove the soil, skin oil, stains and bacteria from your upholstered furniture. Special attention must be given to cleaning upholstery as it can consist of different fibers. We use special detergents for upholstery preventing marks and material shrinkage after drying.
Fabric colors will brighten, spots and stains will disappear, and your furniture will be back in use in a matter of hours.
How do we remove deeply imbedded dirt and grime from your upholstery ?
The perfect combination of spraying and suction of the subtants, brushing when need, combining for squeaky clean sofa and faster drying time.(low moisture cleaning extraction)
Pet stains are a major factor in your sofa life. On sofas, chairs, and mattresses urine easily absorbs into the foam padding and seat cushions of your furniture and continuasly producing an odor produced by a live bcteria we offer a highly effective desinfection treatment, which involves a prespray with urine contamination treatment and a rinse extracion leaving the fabrics in the best condition.
As sooner as we treat the infected area as better for you and your pet health.

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