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CALL 201-916-1778 for your next carpet cleaning service or just send us an e-mail at we are serving Hoboken and Edgewater area and 20 Miles around!  
ProCarpetService offers different types of cleaning for different types of carpet:

Wall to Wall Carpet
 -Residential and Commercial Carpet
 -Berbers, Plush, Friezes, Wool,
 -Indoor and Outdoor carpet
 -Stainmaster, Mohawk , Ikea
 -Wool and vegetable dyes carpet
 -Special & delicate carpets
 -Stairs carpet, hallway carpet
 -Bedroom carpet, Office Carpet
Wall to wall
We also provide
 -Carpet stain removal ( urine stain , wine stain , ink stain , vomit stain )
 -Carpet odor treatment ( pet odor, food odor, mold odor)
 -Carpet sanitize (remove harmful bacteria/fungi from your carpeting)
 -Carpet protection (excellent choice for families with children or pets )
Our detergents for carpet cleaning process offer safe cleaning detergents for kids and pets so we can be green. No fumes no irritations no residue safe for you, safe for the environment, safe for us the people who work. At costumer request we can clean with organic detergents.
Our basic cleaning is:Regular Carpet Shampooing.
Regular cleaning is including one neutral detergent.
The second type is: Carpet Heavy Duty Cleaning .
In this process, our detergents are:
Stain removal(degreaser)
Deodorize and Sanitize.
These process offer a very good result after the cleaning is consummated. Also the technicianwork is more detailed and carefully done.
The third type is: Deep Down Carpet Cleaning.
This process is usually used in commercial cleaning and sometimes in residential at costumer request. We are using a strong detergent like a presprayer for traffic lanes and tuff stains. After that, we do a deep carpet cleaning using hot water and detergent and in the end we rinse the carpet with a rinse detergent to remove the entire residue from the carpet and to balance the PH. At costumer request a protection can be added to the carpet for longer lasting .
For additional questions feel free to call any time at 201 916 1778.
The major carpet manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months to maintain the appearance and warranties of your carpet.
We can keep your carpets looking their best with regular maintenance. Don't go a minute longer with stained, dingy or unhealthy carpets. Our service also includes furniture moving (if can be moves not big pices), Pre-vacuuming and pre-treatment of all problem areas. ProCarpetService is a certified company that means you can clean with us and keep the warranty for your carpet. Only certified companies can provide cleaning for your carpet and not void the warranty. You can check with your carpet manufacturer for more details.

1-201-917-5314 (FAX)


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